GraphQL APIbeta

We've adopted GraphQL for Braintree's next-generation API. We're offering the option to use this new API directly without a library.

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Why GraphQL

We're using GraphQL because it's great for developers, partners, and merchants. GraphQL brings:

  • A foundational, open-source specification.
  • Schemas and types that strictly define valid requests and responses.
  • Introspection, meaning you can ask any GraphQL API what it can do.
  • Developer tools to ease learning and integration.
  • The flexibility of only responding with what is actually requested and efficiency of combining multiple traditional REST endpoints into one request.

With GraphQL, we are enabling faster, safer, and more extensible integration of commerce capabilities into your product.

Graphiql explorer

Using the GraphiQL explorer

We've integrated the GraphiQL project into our new documentation to allow you to explore the API in your browser using your API credentials.