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Integration Guides Overview

The integration guides are designed to give you context and guidance on implementing specific features of the GraphQL API. Not every API feature has an integration guide yet, but if one is available, you'll find it in this section.


Before starting to use any of these integration guides, be sure to check the top of each page for availability details – some features are limited to certain merchants, regions, or use cases.

How to use these guides

Use these guides to understand how to implement a feature from end-to-end. Code examples are pared down to focus on the specific use cases covered in each guide. This means that some fields may be omitted for clarity if they are not relevant to the example. Please check the API schema reference for details on all of the fields available.

You can also browse the schema more interactively and test out queries in the API Explorer, an interactive tool that executes GraphQL requests in our Sandbox environment directly from your browser.

If you don't see the guide you're looking for

We are still building out the GraphQL integration guides section. Typically, there are two reasons why you may not see the guide you are looking for: either the feature does not exist in the API or we have not written a guide for it yet.

If you can't find a guide for the feature you seek, please check the API schema reference. You can also check the API changelog for recent updates. For example, if you are looking for features pertaining to search, check the search field in the schema reference. If you don't find the relevant features in the API schema, please reach out to support.

If you do find the feature in the API schema, then we probably haven't written a guide for it yet. In this case, you can check the SDK docs for a relevant guide and use the API schema reference to find details which API calls to use.

Please reach out to us with any feedback you have on our guides and we'll do our best to publish content that meets your needs!